About us  Specialising in Technical & Operational Assistance for the Glass Container Industry

Our Company

APEGG was founded in 2011 as an independent consultancy company to provide EDUCATION, SUPPORT and SOLUTIONS to the global glass container industry.

Over the last 30 years, technology has advanced rapidly in the glass container industry and at APEGG we recognise that education and the understanding of the glass making process have struggled to keep up. The industry is facing an imbalance of skills due to the fact that experienced generations are leaving the industry, and the younger generations do not necessarily have access to the established knowledge and expertise. It is becoming a common trend that companies want to rely more on technology; however, it is clear that this is not a substitute for education and knowledge.

Statement from the Managing Director

“Before founding APEGG, my first twenty years in the glass industry was spent working with three leading companies: Heinz Glas, PLM (later Rexam Glass, now Ardagh Glass), and Emhart Glass, where I gained substantial glass production experience. Through my work at Emhart Glass as Senior Project Manager, I led several global projects which allowed me to gain a diverse perspective and in-depth understanding of the glass container industry worldwide.

I am sure that you would agree when I say that technology in our industry has advanced rapidly. Saying that, I have noticed that with this advancement, the process education and exchange of glass production knowledge has fallen aside. This I believe can be attributed to both an overreliance on technology and overlooking the fact that experienced generations are leaving our industry.

It is my belief that with a good education using modern ways of teaching, our industry can attract new generations, thus securing the existing knowledge within. This will allow further growth of the glass container industry within the packaging sector. With the assistance of APEGG, we know we can make a positive impact to your business.”
– Rajko Machold

APEGG are a company focused on providing education, support and solutions. With our assistance, our customers are able to increase quality and efficiency and ultimately become more profitable. Our vision is to help the glass container industry continue to grow stronger and stronger in the food and beverage packaging sector on a global scale.

There should be no reason why every glass manufacturer in the world cannot produce glass containers of high quality and high efficiency.


The passion we have for glass, and our vision to see it as the world’s leading packaging material, has contributed to building our philosophy around providing innovative educational programmes and sustainable solutions for our industry. APEGG’s reliability defines the success of our partnerships and provides a foundation on which to build confidence among those we work with, confirming our identity as a provider of comprehensive education, support and solutions.


With APEGG as your partner we offer your company a unique perspective; our sole focus is your profitability. As an independent company we provide completely impartial assistance and advice at all stages of the glass manufacturing process, no matter where the problem lies.

Our comprehensive educational programmes will help you maintain the established knowledge-base, and build upon it to benefit new employees.

APEGG always strive to utilise and make the existing technology-base work. We will only recommend new or further investments once we are confident your profitability would improve and that existing resources are being used to full capacity.

APEGG built the first interactive glass defect manual for all glass packaging defects. Glass bottles and jars manufacturing defects are cataloged with standard names. Defect names, description, detection cause & prevention data... 

Learning how to increase production efficiency by good parison design practises is invaluable, that's why Gürallar Cam Ambalaj attended our trianing course...

APEGG has just completed a further level one, glass production training programme to a valued customer in the Middle East. The training was provided in Dubai, UAE, to the appointed Coca-Cola bottlers in the region, on behalf of APEGG clients Coca-Cola.

Mould Equipment Life is explained in the recent Glass Worldwide Nov/Dec 2014 issue by Mr Barry Holstead, Senior Mould Design Engineer at APEGG.