Glass Plant Concept  Development

Plant Concept Development

Building a new glass plant is really very exciting, but we also understand the challenges which have to be overcome in order to build such manufacturing facilities. APEGG is assisting investors in glass with the build of a new glass manufacturing facility. APEGG offer tailored concept development programs.

The APEGG Plant Concept Development covers 5 areas:

Specification: We provide a preliminary specification for all essential equipment required to manufacture glass containers. This specification can be provided in two levels, one with complete supplier list and budget information or just requirements allowing the customer to go out for tender.

Layouts: APEGG provide complete factory layouts for the concept from batch house to warehouse after discussion with the client to ascertain the most suitable construction. There are two basic construction methods for glass container plants, which will be discussed during this phase.

Glass composition: The glass composition is important for the operation of the glass plant, several parameters must be considered when setting out the glass composition for a specific glass plant. APEGG guide the customer to find the best suitable glass composition. This is considering the availability of raw materials following strict specification.

Manning level: It is important to understand the manning level and organisation structure from the out-set, this is very helpful for the recruitment process. APEGG assist the customer to build the right organisation frame work and to determine the number of people required.

Production plan: An annualised production plan is key to load the machines and to calculate the return of investment. Knowing the production portfolio from the beginning is useful to select the right machines, accessories and estimate the required mould equipment.

With an APEGG Plant Concept in hand, detailed engineering drawings (civil, structural, electrical etc) can be made. Budget numbers for the initial investment and start-up can be established, providing a comprehensive basis for financing, construction and start-up of the new glass container plant.

NOTE: We are not an agent from any machine or equipment supplier and are truly neutral if it comes to the selection of machine/equipment. For items such as consumables, hand tools and quality gauges APEGG can offer direct assistance.

Please contact us for an initial pre discussion of your project idea.

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