Glass Manufacturing Plant  Audit

Plant Audit

Plant audits are useful when a new forming process is to be introduced or new markets to be supplied. For both the glass container manufacturer and their customers it is good to understand the capabilities of the glass plant before entering into agreements.

APEGG provide tailored audits for:

Capability study: APEGG offer a unique service for glass manufacturers to audit a glass plant in terms of its capability in a technical and operational view. These audits are useful if a machine/equipment upgrade is planned or if new markets are to be supplied. For example, such an audit is usually conducted before introducing NNPB.

Workshop audit: To secure sustainable production with high quality the supporting workshops have to be working to a high standard. For example the mould repair shop play’s a very critical role for successful production (only well repaired mould gear is useful). APEGG can conduct such audits to assist work shop managers with further improvements.

Due diligence: These audits are necessary for mergers or acquisitions of a glass manufacturing plant, APEGG are specialist to conduct such audits on behalf of potential investors for banks and or insurance companies.

Audits provided by APEGG give a solid picture of the ‘as is’ situation of a plant. Due to the fact that APEGG is an independent company audits are neutral with regards to the kind of technology used in the plant. The focus on APEGG’s audit is purely on capability and potential a plant has.

We are proud to say that APEGG could help different customers to see their full potential and also investors could benefit from our audits. An audit from APEGG is an unique and tailored service, please contact us for further details.

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