Glass Plant Project Management  Managing engineering projects

Project Management

Whether it’s the erecting of a new production facility on a green field site, the installation of a single production line or a stand-alone piece of machinery... APEGG can provide the required project management structure and personnel. Our project management team are able to offer a flexible and highly bespoke service based on a robust and well-proven formula for delivery. Following a project from cradle to grave (idea right through to the handover performance test).

APEGG 6 project management steps:

Project definition: We facilitate the discussions with the client to develop an idea into a defined project scope. The project scope is the basis for everything what has to follow. Working alongside our clients, we discuss and agree the project objectives before identifying the most effective means to deliver.

Plant concept: For new glass plants a plant concept development plan has to be part of the project definition, this too can be managed by APEGG.

Project team: Once we and our client are clear about the project scope a project team can be defined and assembled. A project team can consist of different people and stakeholders, APEGG will support the establishment of a solid project team.

Project schedule: The project schedule, known as “the project plan” is the vehicle with which we drive the project forward. Only projects which have been planned well and which are monitored regularly have a chance to be completed on time.

Project management: From coordinating all activities prior to the on-site work right through to actual on-site management we offer on-site project management during the build and installation of all necessary equipment.

Handover: Especially on green field projects a formal handover with a performance test is usually required, this will be managed and monitored by APEGG. We assist our client to ensure that at the end of a project they have what they expected on the out-set of the project journey. We aim to close programmes to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

APEGG provide a full range of project management services from the preparation of business cases and the development of organisational frameworks to straightforward procurement, design, construction, delivery and operation. Regardless of the scale or complexity of a project, we employ and refine our systems and processes to provide control, governance and transparency from inception to completion. At the point of every decision we make on behalf of our clients, we challenge the status quo and work diligently to find the smartest, most efficient and most cost effective solution.

If you are planning a project, please contact us and let us discuss your ideas and requirements.

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