Glass Production & Technical  Assistance

Production & Technical Assistance

APEGG offer both production and technical assistance covering the whole production process. If production performance in terms of output and quality are not meeting target levels, immediate action is required to minimize the financial impact.

Example of areas where APEGG can offer assistance:

Trouble shooting: APEGG assist glass manufacturers to increase production efficiency through trouble shooting production issues. Based on the quality reports (glass defects) APEGG guide the customer to establish the right corrective actions to stabilize production and increase efficiency.

Flexibility: Today many glass manufactures are challenged with the ever changing production plan. Often articles have to be moved around to different machines, e.g. the jobs from a 5” DG machine may have to be produced on a 6 ¼” DG machine. APEGG provide assistance to find different set-up solutions for any IS forming machine (DG – DG, TG – DG…).

Downtime: Next to glass defects downtime is the biggest cause for underperformance. APEGG have the knowledge to assist customers to reduce downtime across the plant, which will increase the bottom line performance. A unique downtime code system can be implemented to better understand downtime causes and remedies/prevention.

Upgrades: Any upgrade work of an existing plant can be challenging to a factory. APEGG can assist the customer with these time consuming jobs, allowing the own personnel to further focus on their daily jobs. We assist with the technical specification, financial planning (cost vs benefit) and execution of such projects. In addition APEGG organise with the respective supplier the required training.

Assistance agreement: An agreement for production and technical assistance can be made with APEGG, in this way customers have access to glass experts in different fields on a preferred basis. This service provides customers with off-site e.g. telephone and email support as well as regular on-site support. Those agreements are tailored to the individual customer and can include equipment audits.

The production & technical assistance service is tailored to each individual glass container manufacturer,
to discuss the details, please contact us.

APEGG built the first interactive glass defect manual for all glass packaging defects. Glass bottles and jars manufacturing defects are cataloged with standard names. Defect names, description, detection cause & prevention data... 

Learning how to increase production efficiency by good parison design practises is invaluable, that's why Gürallar Cam Ambalaj attended our trianing course...

APEGG has just completed a further level one, glass production training programme to a valued customer in the Middle East. The training was provided in Dubai, UAE, to the appointed Coca-Cola bottlers in the region, on behalf of APEGG clients Coca-Cola.

Mould Equipment Life is explained in the recent Glass Worldwide Nov/Dec 2014 issue by Mr Barry Holstead, Senior Mould Design Engineer at APEGG.