Glass Forming Defects  Training

Forming Defects Training

Forming defects have been around since the manufacturing of glass containers. With the ever changing requirements on glass containers (e.g. light weighting) this topic becomes more important than ever. APEGG offer an in depth training programme for forming defect detection, causes and prevention.

Example of training topics:

Container requirements: Once it has been understood what the intended purpose of a particular glass container is, the importance to prevent certain defects becomes clearer. We see this as prerequisite in order to understand glass container forming defects.

Defect detection: It goes without saying that a first step to prevention is the initial detection of the defect. Luckily today there are many clever technologies which can help operators to detect defects quickly. However, even with this wonderful technology operators and specialists are required to detect defects themselves (hourly quality checks).

Causes: The cause for a particular defect must be understood clearly in order to implement steps for prevention. Different steps can be taken to actually prevent defects from occurring. During our training we will discuss in detail defect causes and will involve the relevant departments.

Prevention: Once the causes of defects have been understood together with the assistance of APEGG an action plan can be drawn up to prevent certain defects in future. It can be surprising to see how many defects can actually be prevented in the first place.

The better trained the production team is, the quicker defects can be detected and eliminated or prevented. In addition to training staff to understand the process, simple Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) can be introduced to prevent many of the defects occurring in the first place.

APEGG provide training on forming defect recognition, understanding the basic cause of the defect, and solutions to eliminate and prevent their occurrence.

Training programs from APEGG are tailored for any customer, which makes as unique in the way we provide the training. To discuss the details for your training program, please contact us.

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