APEGG Provide Parison Design Training  To G├╝rallar Cam Ambalaj

Mould Design Training for Gürallar Cam Ambalaj

With the APEGG motto for 2016 being “SAVE COST and PACK MORE through Education” and by making 2016 “the Year of Education”, it is therefore fitting that APEGG Ltd are pleased to announce that the first in a series of planned mould design training courses has just been completed.  

APEGG have concluded the first two out of three modules of their Mould Design Training course, which was attended by management and senior technicians from Gürallar Cam Ambalaj, Turkey.

This training course was given at one of APEGG’s training facilities in the UK and was as a result of initial meetings held at the 2014 glasstec in Düsseldorf.



Mr Ibrahim Gürses, Gürallar Cam Ambalaj, Plant Manager stated that “the training provided was delivered in a very professional manner, with a tremendous amount of knowledge been transferred between the experienced APEGG tutors and my team”

Mr Gürses goes on to say that “APEGG are a first class education provider, the training methods are the most intuitive that my team have ever experienced. It was a pleasure to experience such openness and willingness to share knowledge.  APEGG clearly explained at each stage of the learning “why” things are done in a certain way. No stone was left unturned. I am sure that we can increase or production efficiency through the knowledge we have gained during this course and we look forward to taking our new found knowledge back to the workplace.”

During the 6 days training course the students were given a clear understanding of:

  • Glass Appreciation, Forming Porcess Selection, Container Requirements, Container Design (Jar & Bottle)
  • Finish Types and Specification, Finish Design and Construction, Mould & Bottom Plate Cavity Design
  • BB Parison Layout Design, NNPB Parison Layout Design, PB Parison Layout Design

During the APEGG Mould Design training course, students are actively involved with mould design work, using 2D and 3D software the students make working drawings during the actual course. APEGG have a detailed course structure. However, it is encouraged that students bring to the course where practical, real life production issues that can be discussed with the APEGG tutors and worked on during the course. This way students leave the training course not only with theoretical knowledge, but practical knowledge and actual designs which can be tested in production. 


The third and final Mould Design Training module for Gürallar is scheduled to take place during March. Module three will provide the students with full and detailed knowledge on the design of mould equipment parts and the appreciation of mould design standards including important topics such as:

  • Forming Machine Set-up (XY), Forming Machine Ware Range and Limits, Defect Elimination Through Correct Design
  • Mould Equipment Material, Design of Mould Equipment Parts, Mould Design Standards


APEGG have a comprehensive schedule of training courses to be held throughout 2016 in the UK, Belgium and Brazil. Should you wish to be involved and join one of the above training courses please let us know or If you need more information about our Education - Programme for 2016, please contact us at info@apegg.com. Courses scheduled include:

  • Operator Training, Production Specialist Training, Mould Repair Training
  • NNPB Best Practise Trainig, Forming Defects Training, Glass Conditioning Training


APEGG built the first interactive glass defect manual for all glass packaging defects. Glass bottles and jars manufacturing defects are cataloged with standard names. Defect names, description, detection cause & prevention data... 

Learning how to increase production efficiency by good parison design practises is invaluable, that's why Gürallar Cam Ambalaj attended our trianing course...

APEGG has just completed a further level one, glass production training programme to a valued customer in the Middle East. The training was provided in Dubai, UAE, to the appointed Coca-Cola bottlers in the region, on behalf of APEGG clients Coca-Cola.

Mould Equipment Life is explained in the recent Glass Worldwide Nov/Dec 2014 issue by Mr Barry Holstead, Senior Mould Design Engineer at APEGG.