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APEGG would like to share via the Media Hub interesting information, such as posters, images and press releases.

We are happy for any of the content to be downloaded and used where appropriate in the workplace.

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Press Releases

Glass Worldwide Issue 56 – Mould Equipment Life

APEGG built the first interactive glass defect manual for all glass packaging defects. Glass bottles and jars manufacturing defects are cataloged with standard names. Defect names, description, detection cause & prevention data... 

Learning how to increase production efficiency by good parison design practises is invaluable, that's why Gürallar Cam Ambalaj attended our trianing course...

APEGG has just completed a further level one, glass production training programme to a valued customer in the Middle East. The training was provided in Dubai, UAE, to the appointed Coca-Cola bottlers in the region, on behalf of APEGG clients Coca-Cola.

Mould Equipment Life is explained in the recent Glass Worldwide Nov/Dec 2014 issue by Mr Barry Holstead, Senior Mould Design Engineer at APEGG.