Glass Mould Equipment  Design

Mould Design

APEGG assist customers to bring an idea/concept to reality. Right from the beginning our design team aims to ensure that the technical quality of the container, as well as the aesthetic requirement is of high standard. APEGG work with the customer, design agency and glass manufacturer whichever is relevant for the particular assignment following the 5 steps:

Idea/concept: At this stage we will work with the customer’s initial design brief and product requirements to create a first container sketch for discussion purposes. In a concept the parameters such as (finish type, container height, shape, labelling …) will be established.

Container specification: After the concept agreement a container drawing with all relevant technical information will be produced. Such a specification will take care of the container physical requirements (forming machine type SG, DG, TG, QG, forming process, internal pressure, impact, vertical load …).

Mould design: With the container specification clarified the mould manufacturing drawings can be produced for any machine type and process (BB, NNPB, PB). The design can be made around existing equipment (interchangeable parts, machine set-ups…) or for complete new set-ups. Either way APEGG will work closely with the glass manufacturer considering the machine/equipment base. During this design process a list of required accessories will be produced.

Mould manufacture: With the APEGG mould design drawings the glass manufacturer can purchase the required mould equipment. If required, APEGG can assist with procurement of all required mould equipment.

Sampling: APEGG provide follow up assistance regards modification to tooling if necessary prior to full production, and further liaise with the customer to ensure that the production process runs smoothly.

Brand identifying engraving or logo will be considered during the concept, APEGG understand that the image of the container is of paramount importance as it is representing the brand on a shelf. APEGG produce container and mould designs for the Blow & Blow (BB), Light Weight Blow & Blow (LWBB), Press & Blow (PB) and Narrow Neck Press & Blow (NNPB) forming processes.

We have the facility to manage the design process from cradle to grave (initial concept through to the product being on the retailer’s shelf). In addition on site forming support for sampling and first commercial runs can be offered.

A container not only has to market the product, it must fulfil performance criteria and be cost effective to produce. APEGG can assist in any points related to container and mould design, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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